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Virgin Online Recharge | Prepaid Virgin Mobile Recharge provides Virgin Mobile online recharge for all Virgin Mobile prepaid services like Virgin Mobile GSM  and Videocon CDMA Mobile and Data Card Recharge (2G Mobile Internet, 3G Mobile Internet, CDMA Data Card) with your Debit Card, ATM Card, Credit Card or Net Banking.

Virgin Mobile India

 Virgin Mobile India Limited is a mobile network operator which was established as a joint venture between Virgin Group (owned by Richard Branson) and India’s own Tata Teleservices. Today, the company makes use of Tata Teleservices’ mobile GSM and CDMA networks to offer its services to subscribers.

The company operates under the brand name Virgin Mobile, and it offer GSM services in certain states.

In other words, Virgin Mobile is the brand name used to Tata Teleservices to offers its services to consumers in India. Through Virgin Mobile India Tata Teleservices is able to gather useful data to cater to and market products specifically to the youth segment of the market.

Virgin Mobile offers both postpaid mobile and prepaid mobile recharge plans on their GSM mobile and CDMA mobile recharge networks. Under the name Datamax, Virgin Mobile also offers wireless internet data services to their mobile and 3G and 2G internet data card subscribers.

Virgin Mobile’s focus is on the youth of the nation, and it’s the first of its kind in India. Currently it has over 4.5 million mobile outlets that can reach over 32,000,000 villages, towns and cities all over India.

A year after its launch, it was ranked as no. 1 in mobile customer satisfaction. The company had an astonishing overall score of 95%. It was also labeled as the “buzziest brand” in the year 2009. In other words, it was the most searched among all other brands, according to an online survey.

Telecom circles in which Virgin Mobile operates

Virgin Mobile Limited offer its services to the following places in India: West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Punjab, Orissa, Kolkata, Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. The places where Virgin Mobile does not offer services are Goa, Assam and the North East.

Recently, Virgin Mobile Limited put a fresh spin on theirVirgin mobile recharge campaign by launching a Youtube channel called “Indianpangaleague”. Since the channel was launched, there has been over 20,893 views of the channel.

The videos have gotten over 610, 975 views and there are over 300 subscribers to the Virgin Mobile channel. As the Virgin Mobilebrand name, the company was able to snag movie star Ranbir Kapoor.

Virgin Recharge campaign


There was also launch of the new Yoyo Virgin online recharge tariff plan which essentially allows friends to call each other for free. Virgin mobile recharge subscribers have to pay 10 paise for outgoing calls but they get 10 paise for incoming calls. Bates 141 was responsible for creating the Virgin prepaid recharge campaign for Virgin sms packs, net packs, data packs and interet packs. In the beginning the campaign was a major success because Virgin Mobile was the only telecom operator that actually paid customers for incoming calls.

Late in the year 2009, Virgin Mobile started setting up manned mobile kiosks that performed promotional offers and helped with branding. It was a bid to attract new prepaid mobile and data card customers and improve their customer satisfaction. Currently, Virgin Mobile’s major competitors are the large mobile network operators in India.

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