Why are prepaid mobile recharge plans so popular in India?

Did you know that more than 95% of the 920 odd million mobile connections in India are prepaid connections? This is not so surprising when you consider the profile of mobile penetration in the country. Ever since the government of India introduced the new telecom policy mobile phone adoption has skyrocketed in both rural and urban India. On the other hand fixed land line connections are at paltry 31 million, and has been facing zero to negative growth recently.

So why are prepaid mobile recharge plans so popular in India? There are several reasons for this. In this article we try to explore the reason for the popularity of prepaid mobile connections in India.

prepaid mobile recharge

Popularity of prepaid mobile connections

One of the biggest reasons why prepaid mobile is so popular is because of how easy it is to acquire a prepaid connection in India. One does not have to submit extensive documentation like ID proof, address proof, bank statements etc. In order to get a prepaid connection. Also, there is no need to provide hefty initial deposits or enter into annual contracts either. All you need is a passport size photo, and a simple identity proof like a ration card or PAN card.

Prepaid connections are best suited for those subscribers with low to medium mobile usage. With popular mobile recharge options like “one paisa per second” introduced by major telecom providers like Tata Docomo, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone makes it very convenient for users like students, salesmen, those living in rural areas, and many others looking for a “pay as you go” option.

Probably the biggest reason people go for the prepaid connection is the flexibility that comes with it. There are thousands of unique and innovative prepaid mobile recharge plans provided by all major telecom providers. These plans cater to the needs of almost every type of subscriber. Users have full control over the amount they pay for each second of talk time, each text message that they send, and each kilo byte of data that the access.

Another reason why prepaid mobile is so popular is the control that comes with it. You can recharge your prepaid mobile connection for any amount, and keep track of usage on a permanent basis. Subscribers can constantly checked their balance and vary their usage according. There are a number of online recharge websites that make the process of recharging your prepaid account easy.

An interesting statistic as far as prepaid mobile is concerned is that on average there are 3 SIM cards for each subscriber. This shows the popularity and flexibility of prepaid mobile in India. Users can constantly switch their mobile network operator based on which provider has the most cost-effective and feature rich product. Introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in India has made it very easy for users to change the mobile service provider while retaining their mobile number. However users can switch providers under MNP only about four times a year.

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